Sunday, July 11, 2010

Springfield to Monticello, Illinois, 75miles

Today we had a great start from Springfield. Leaving at about 7:30, it was cool and slightly overcast when we cycled from Lincoln's house. As Anders and I made our way east, huge clouds kept following us and blocking the sun keeping it very pleasant and cool. This landscape would have been an oven a week before, but we were granted 'safe passage'. It was Sunday, and nobody was driving on the roads. Most of the day we never heard any sounds but the robins and red wing blackbirds chirping. This whole day was spent in near silence from noise and distractions of the modern world. Thomas Merton comes to mind. There are vast spaces and rows of corn and soy beans lining the single lane roads throughout Sangamon County. It is not difficult to imagine this place 150 years ago. The train that Lincoln road east for his inauguration followed the same lines that exist today in central Illinois. At times, it seemed like we were traveling across an Ocean of grass and farmland with huge skies overhead. We never got rained on but kept passing wet roads. Day 1 had a zen quality. After 75 miles,-now time for some Dairy Queen!

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