Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Danville, Illinois to State Line City, Indiana & Crawfordsville, 50 miles

State Line City is a small rural town on the train line that Lincoln took east. There are still old buildings by the railroad that must have been there for over 130 years or more. It still has a bit of a 19thC frontier feel. Tracks traverse the small farm town and a village green lies just yards from the crossing. A small inscription and a US flag fly in a rather plain setting. I am reminded of the casual qualities of the President and how he liked to play on the floor with his children. This small town has that quiet quality and I can picture Lincoln being there. As we made our way south through the dirt country roads, we were again slowed down on our bicycles to the pace of a horse and buggy or less. We saw an owl and several hawks and got drenched in a Midwestern downpore! Someone asked what do you do when it rains and your on a bike? I put on my raincoat and move on. Nothing about that seems extraordinary as we also met someone walking who said, "it's not raining too hard." I think Abe would have agreed and walked his dog too.

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