Monday, August 2, 2010

Getting up at 5:30 and breaking camp got me back into Rome for breakfast before a torrential rainstorm. I am glad I didn't have to pack up wet things! The rest of the morning made for a constant soft drizzle not too unlike Ireland. Passing through Utica with soggy streets added a harsh feel to a town that had seen better days. Industrial buildings along the trainline were closed and the manufacturing sites looked still. Some of the farm houses along the way had huge piles of firewood stacked in proportions beyond pleasurable fireplace use. It speaks of a hardscrabble existence to heat a home through the winter this way. I suppose Lincoln knew all about this. When he passed through Utica, though he had a humorous quirp when he joked about his arrival. Mentioning that everyone came to see him and he saw them,-Lincoln joked, "but as far as the ladies were concerned", he had the "better bargain".

The rain followed me into Little Falls,- a town that looks like it was cut into the side of a mountain. Oh yes, I am in the foothills of the Adirondack Mountains and I thank God I am following a level path. The sun broke here and revealed an historic town view from the bridge that crosses the Mohawk River and Canal. Just outside town right off the tow path I was riding, the historic homesite of General Herkimer pops up. Riding my bicycle down the path at this slight turn felt truly 18th century. No cars are were in site and the trail width could easily support a carriage. It turns out the General was the colonial leader engaging the British to save Ft. Stanwix (in Rome). Following the river down the Mohawk Valley to Albany means I am also following history. It tracks me on my route. The key to movement I have discovered firsthand is water, wether it be filling a locomotive, horse, or me, we all share the same need. It is an infinately easier path to follow, especially under my human power,- to be spared the gruelling climbs over the highlands to my sides!

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  1. Your word pictures and photos are a delight.